Revolutionary Smart Antennas launched as 3G shutdown looms

WAGGA WAGGA, AUSTRALIA – April 24th, 2024 – Wagga Wagga-based connectivity company Zetifi has launched the world’s first location-aware smart antennas, revolutionising a product segment stifled of innovation for decades.

This patent-pending invention transforms traditional passive vehicle antennas into active self-optimising devices that are set to play a big role in improving phone coverage, a high priority for people in rural areas as they prepare for the closure of the Telstra 3G network on 30 June.

Zetifi CEO, Dan Winson said, “The 3G shutdown has been on the radar for years and it’s something we need to take seriously. There are a lot of people who will need to upgrade their cellular boosters and antennas to make them work with 4G and 5G.

“From the day we started talking to regional and rural communities about connectivity, the thing we heard most often is they just want their phones to work. There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles in Australia with cellular boosters and our smart antennas provide a better experience for people using them.”

Terrain really makes a difference when it comes to antenna performance. The flat radiation pattern of a high gain antenna is ideal in open country but is less suited to hilly areas where the wider beamwidth of a low gain antenna is more effective.

With traditional antennas you have to compromise on performance or deal with the inconvenience of swapping antenna whips as you move from flat to hilly country.

Zetifi’s revolutionary smart antennas are the first vehicle antennas engineered with an integrated GPS, reconfigurable antenna element, and data processor — allowing them to adapt to the surrounding terrain by automatically switching between high and low gain modes.

An accompanying phone app that connects to the smart antenna via bluetooth is used to load terrain maps to the antennas onboard processor and also allows users to select between automatic switching or manual selection of high or low gain mode.

Designed and manufactured in Wagga, Zetifi’s Smart Antennas are available now. For more information or to purchase, visit

For more information about Zetifi Smart Antennas, visit


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