Get ready for a true revolution in antenna technology.

Smart Antennas, powered by ZetiLink™

Antenna high and low gain comparison

Terrain really matters when it comes to antenna performance. A high gain antenna is ideal in open country but is unsuited to hilly terrain where the shorter but more disperse pattern of a low gain antenna is more effective. With traditional antennas you have to compromise and make a choice between these options or swap antenna whips as you move through different areas. 

Zetifi’s revolutionary Smart Antennas use patent pending ZetiLink™ technology to automatically switch between high and low gain modes based on GPS location, attitude (tilt), or user selection. A single smart antenna that automatically selects optimal settings based on whether you’re in flat or hilly terrain.

Get more out of your UHF radio, signal repeater, or cellular gateway with the convenience and enhanced performance of a Zetifi smart antenna.

How it works

Inbuilt GPS and gyroscope detect antenna location and attitude (tilt).

ZetiLink™ engine processes data to determine optimal antenna mode.

Antenna seamlessly switches between high and low gain modes as required.

Dual-element antenna whip

Antenna whip contains two separate PCB antenna elements to provide high and low gain modes in a single antenna.

ZetiLink™ processor engine

Integrated processor computes location and antenna attitude (tilt) data in real time to determines optimal antenna setting.

GPS location sensor

Inbuilt GPS sensor reports location to ZetiLink™ processor to identify your terrain and environment as flat, hilly or urban.

Gyroscope tilt detection

Attitude (tilt) data from inbuilt gyroscopic sensor allows adjustments to be made for road gradient.

Variable Gain Cellular (4G/5G) Smart Antenna

Suitable for use with vehicular signal repeaters and cellular gateway devices.

More information

Code: ANCA1101AU

Gain Modes: 2.1dBi & 7dBi

Frequencies: 698-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 2300-2700 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz

Whip Length: 960mm


Variable Gain UHF CB Smart Antenna

Suitable for use with any vehicle UHF CB radio system.

More information

Code: ANUA1101AU

Gain Modes: 2.1dBi & 6.6dBi

Frequencies: 477 MHz

Whip Length: 960mm


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Yes, providing your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi Calling allows your phone to use internet data via Wi-Fi to support phone calls. You’ll be able to make and receive phone calls anywhere you have Wi-Fi with an active internet connection, even if you don’t have any phone reception! Visitors or workers to your property will need to login to the Wi-Fi network to get the same benefit.

If you’re planning to configure it with a satellite internet connection it will work anywhere but if you’re ordering an LTE (4G) connected ZetiCell, we’ll perform a service check when you place your order. We can often provide a good connection as far as 60 kilometres from the nearest tower but we also need to consider line of sight and some other factors.

This will be discussed during the ordering process. You can either manage your own install and assembly (usually with the help of a local electrician or handyman) or leave the job to us and we’ll have one of our experienced installers complete the work. We have installers right across the country. Our remote deployment software handles all the tricky networking configurations but the physical assembly requires a reasonable level of practical skill and tools to assemble masts, connect antennas, cables, etc.