Zetifi invites New York farmers and machinery dealers to trial innovative vehicle connectivity device

WAGGA WAGGA, AUSTRALIA – Nov. 28th, 2023 –Australian technology company Zetifi extends a unique opportunity to New York farmers and machinery dealers grappling with connectivity challenges. Through funding from Cornell University’s Grow-NY Food & Agriculture competition, Zetifi offers a no-cost trial of their innovative vehicle-mounted connectivity device – the ZetiRover.

Recognised with a US$500k prize in the 2020 Grow-NY competition, Zetifi aims to address Upstate New York’s connectivity hurdles and boost productivity and job creation in the region. The ZetiRover, renowned for its effectiveness in Australia, leverages powerful antennas and multi-carrier technology, merging coverage from multiple carriers to provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in areas where cellular phone service would otherwise be unavailable or unreliable. For the US trials, the ZetiRover will be configured to bring in faint coverage from AT&T and Verizon.

In addition, the ZetiRover constantly logs coverage data from both of these networks, generating custom coverage maps illustrating signal strength and other coverage metrics wherever the device has been deployed, empowering users with comprehensive data for informed decision-making.

The ZetiRover has become a trusted connectivity solution for farmers and agricultural service providers right across Australia. On the back of this success the company is looking to expand, with these New York trials being an important first step to gather coverage data and validate that the device can provide the same benefits to US customers.

Rob Lansdown, Commercial Manager at Zetifi, expressed excitement about the trial’s potential impact: “We invite farmers, machinery dealers, and those facing connectivity challenges to trial our innovative ZetiRover. This initiative not only provides access to leading-edge connectivity solutions but also aligns with the objectives of the Grow-NY team to stimulate economic growth and increase the productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector in New York.”

He added, “These trials serve as a crucial step in understanding the ZetiRover’s performance in Upstate New York’s unique conditions before planning a full-scale US market launch.”

Zetifi seeks proactive participants eager to explore the ZetiRover’s capabilities, offering valuable feedback during the trial phase. The company hopes to select five triallists across a range of locations and applications for the ZetiRover. Suitable triallists include individual farmers wanting to use the ZetiRover on their machinery or farm vehicles, or agricultural services companies wishing to trial the ZetiRover on their fleet vehicles to keep their staff connected and productive in more places.

Interested parties should contact Rob Lansdown at to express interest or gather more information about this unparalleled opportunity.

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