Rural connectivity solutions.

Innovative smart antennas and Wi-Fi coverage extension products to keep you connected, safe and productive in more places than ever before.

Location-aware antenna switching

Proprietary radiofrequency switching and software-defined networking that ensures you’re always connected to the best available network.

Smart power management​

Patent-pending ‘sleepy’ Wi-Fi that decreases the power demand for Wi-Fi systems to provide reliable off-grid solar-powered Wi-Fi in remote locations.

Plug and play installation​

Unique network deployment software and product designs that eliminate the need for networking knowledge or expertise to install in remote locations.

Scalable on and off farm

Our bold vision of interconnected farm and region-wide Wi-Fi infrastructure means that all Zetifi products are built to be compatible and complementary.

Remote support and optimisation

Automated intent-based networking and active monitoring and optimisation ensures peak performance for the network traffic that matters most.

Ruggedised construction

Farm-tough product designs, construction and engineering provide superior reliability when faced with extremes of rain, dust, temperature and vibration.

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Zetifi products

Smart Antennas

Location-aware smart antennas with an integrated GPS and processor that automatically switch between high and low gain modes as required to deliver peak performance in every setting.


Roaming Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicles and machinery. Powerful antennas and innovative multi-carrier software converts patchy coverage into fast long-range Wi-Fi for voice, video and data.


The ZetiCell is a permanently installed Wi-Fi small cell that provides broadband connectivity for phones and other digital devices in areas where mobile coverage is unreliable or unavailable.

“The Zetifi Wi-Fi network has enabled us to link up key locations on our property ensuring we have connectivity where we need it, when we need it.”

James Crossing Angullong Vineyard, Millthorpe, NSW

“Having a Wi-Fi network across the property has allowed us to have fast internet access everywhere we need it, it’s great. The install was surprisingly easy and the team at Zetifi have been really helpful.”

John Coltman Tubbul, NSW

“I can’t believe what a difference this is making to our operations. A working phone isn’t a luxury – it’s a must have for all businesses, especially farms.”

Cam Ferrier Birchip, VIC

“If you haven’t got the confidence that you can make a call or easily get information, our whole day would just fall over. Having that uninterrupted connectivity makes a big difference to helping serve our customers and the productivity of the business."

Jenni O’Sullivan Elders, Wangaratta, VIC

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