ZetiCell X

Our first generation ZetiCell product was discontinued in November 2023 and is no longer available for purchase as we prepare for the release of a new and improved second generation ZetiCell, the ZetiCell X.

ZetiCells remain in active use by hundreds of farms and rural businesses across Australia as a mains powered and solar-powered off-grid Wi-Fi solution for phone calls, remote monitoring and more in areas where normal cellular coverage can’t be relied upon.

The ZetiCell X will be available for purchase in late 2024.

What is the ZetiCell?

The ZetiCell is a permanently installed Wi-Fi small cell that provides broadband connectivity for phones and other digital devices in areas where mobile coverage is unreliable or unavailable. It makes it easy to eliminate coverage gaps on farms and other remote areas using long-range outdoor Wi-Fi.

Installed on top of a homestead or machinery shed, or as a standalone solar-powered solution for a paddock or remote work site, the ZetiCell provides coverage to phones hundreds of metres away or vehicles equipped with a ZetiRover up to 3km away. 

Farmer talking on the phone using wifi calling
Zetifi ZetiCell on farm shed roof
Zetifi ZetiCell on homestead roof
ZetiCell with ZetiPod installation kit in a remote paddock

What's changing with the new ZetiCell X?

Re-engineered from the ground up for mass manufacture

We've maxed out our production capacity. The ZetiCell is being totally re-engineered to improve buildability and ensure we can keep up with demand well into the future.

Accessible ethernet port and SIM card slots

External SIM card slots and accessible ethernet ports to make it easy to extend long-range Wi-Fi to around your homestead, shed or yards.

Revolutionary 900MHz Wi-Fi HaLow for long-range connections

We're incorporating a revolutionary new Wi-Fi protocol that operates on a lower frequency, offering increased range beyond 1km and better signal penetration through trees and other obstacles.

Simple modular design for self install and flexibility

The new ZetiCell will require fewer cables and external antennas, making it easy for anyone to install as a single device or Wi-Fi HaLow-connected mesh involving several ZetiCells to cover larger areas.