Zetifi’s guide to the Farms of the Future Program

A simple step by step process to get the most out of the NSW Department of Primary Industries Farms of the Future program!

What is farms of the future?

A NSW Department of Primary Industries program that incentivises primary producers in certain NSW local government areas to invest in on-farm connectivity and agtech. Eligible applicants can apply for grants of up to $35k to cover 70% of the upfront cost and subscription charges for approved products.

Full details of the eligibility criteria and grant application process can be viewed at dpi.nsw.gov.au/fotf but we have also provided our own summary below.


Who is eligible?

NSW primary producers who:


How does it work?

  1. Grower completes FoTF training, which includes developing your ‘AgTech Plan’. Make sure you keep your certificate!
  2. Use online AgTech catalogue to create a ’Tech List’ with products from approved suppliers.
  3. Submit grant application for approval
  4. Work with approved suppliers to install and connect products
  5. Submit your claim for reimbursement

Key dates

Agtech training program open

9 September 2022

Grant applications open

3 Feburary 2023

Grant applications closed

31 August 2023

Successful applicants may submit claims for eligible costs until

29 February 2024

Program closes

30 June 2025

Which Zetifi products are available?

Our ZetiCell and ZetiRover have both been approved for purchase as part of the FoTF program. These products can provide broadband connectivity anywhere on your farm. Wi-Fi you can use to connect cameras for remote monitoring or fill in coverage gaps so you can access your farm data and dashboards from anywhere you need to!


The ZetiRover is a roaming Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicles and farm machinery. Powerful antennas and innovative multi-carrier software converts patchy coverage into fast long-range Wi-Fi for voice, video and data.

Zetifi Zeticell wi-fi coverage mockup


The ZetiCell is a permanently installed Wi-Fi small cell that provides broadband connectivity for phones and other digital devices in areas where mobile coverage is unreliable or unavailable.

Zetifi provided connectivity for the original three pilot sites of the Farms of the Future program that were installed back in 2021.

Browse these video testimonials to hear how these original participants put agtech to use and get some inspiration for your Farms of the Future project.

Approved Program Partner for the NSW Department of Primary Industries Farms of the Future program

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