Farmer talking on the phone using wifi calling
Zetifi ZetiCell on farm shed roof
Zetifi ZetiCell on homestead roof
ZetiCell with ZetiPod installation kit in a remote paddock


The ZetiCell is a permanently installed Wi-Fi small cell that provides broadband connectivity for phones and other digital devices in areas where mobile coverage is unreliable or unavailable. It makes it easy to eliminate coverage gaps on farms and other remote areas using long-range outdoor Wi-Fi.

Installed on top of a homestead or machinery shed, or as a standalone solar-powered solution for a paddock or remote work site, the ZetiCell provides coverage to phones hundreds of metres away or vehicles equipped with a ZetiRover up to 3km away. 

Starting at $1,600*

All Zetifi products involve an upfront purchase of hardware and an ongoing monthly subscription. *Price excludes GST.

Satellite or LTE (4G) connection options

With options to provide Wi-Fi coverage using data from a satellite internet service or by optimising an LTE (4G) connection, the ZetiCell suits a wide range of connectivity settings and scenarios.

Simple installation with ‘plug and play’ setup

Easy-to-use installation kits and innovative remote deployment software enable your ZetiCell network to be assembled and connected without the need for specialised networking expertise.

Long-range Wi-Fi for phones and other devices

Powerful antennas provide long-range Wi-Fi up to 300m around the ZetiCell to connect phones and other connected devices, and up to 3km to a ZetiRover to extend your coverage even further.

Maximises reliability via seamless LTE (4G) failover

Connectivity you can rely on via a backup connection that is used for out-of-band customer support and as a failover internet connection during primary outages, so you’re always connected.

On farm connectivity with Zetifi

The ZetiCell and ZetiRover can work together to provide an extra option for on-farm connectivity in locations where LTE (4G) coverage is unavailable.

Illustration showing the role of a ZetiCell in a Zetifi farm wifi ecosystem

Installation kits & accessories

Zetifi ZetiCell on farm shed roof

ZetiCell installation kit (4.4m)

Kit for ZetiCell installation on a fixed structure with mains power, such as a home or shed roof

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Includes 4.4m mast, mounting brackets, 3 x directional LTE (4G) antennas, 2 x omni-directional Wi-Fi antennas, power pack and pre-terminated cabling. Recommended that install be completed by a local electrician or other suitable tradesperson. Installation requires two people and usually takes about 3-4 hours.


Zetifi ZetiCell with ZetiPod installation kit in a remote paddock

Off-grid installation kit for ZetiCell

Kit for off-grid solar-powered ZetiCell installation

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Includes standalone stockproof pod with 6m mast, 330W solar panel, 130AH battery, charge controller, antennas, power cords and pre-terminated cabling. Suitable for providing Wi-Fi to any location in a serviceable coverage area (as determined by Zetifi service check) and flat ground to mount pod with 'ground grabbers' to secure cage. Installation requires two people and usually takes about 3-4 hours.


Wireless Access Point

Pre-configured Mikrotik weatherproof Wi-Fi access point

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Extend outdoor Wi-Fi coverage from ZetiCell to additional indoor or outdoor areas, such as providing indoor Wi-Fi to the inside of a shed or homestead. Pre-configured for "plug and play" installation and connection to Zetifi network via ethernet cable.


*All prices exclude GST.


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Yes, providing your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi Calling allows your phone to use internet data via Wi-Fi to support phone calls. You’ll be able to make and receive phone calls anywhere you have Wi-Fi with an active internet connection, even if you don’t have any phone reception! Visitors or workers to your property will need to login to the Wi-Fi network to get the same benefit.

If you’re planning to configure it with a satellite internet connection it will work anywhere but if you’re ordering an LTE (4G) connected ZetiCell, we’ll perform a service check when you place your order. We can often provide a good connection as far as 60 kilometres from the nearest tower but we also need to consider line of sight and some other factors.

This will be discussed during the ordering process. You can either manage your own install and assembly (usually with the help of a local electrician or handyman) or leave the job to us and we’ll have one of our experienced installers complete the work. We have installers right across the country. Our remote deployment software handles all the tricky networking configurations but the physical assembly requires a reasonable level of practical skill and tools to assemble masts, connect antennas, cables, etc.

Wi-Fi is a wireless network that connects phones, computers, and other devices so they can communicate with each other. Imagine it as a set of invisible cables connecting your devices. Most Wi-Fi networks are connected to the internet so you can access websites and other useful information, so people often talk about Wi-Fi and internet interchangeably, but a Wi-Fi network will actually allow your devices to communicate even if the internet isn’t available. Most Wi-Fi networks are connected to the internet, but they’re not the same thing.

With a combination of innovative product design and the fact that there is less radio interference on farms and other rural areas. In the city, Wi-Fi signals have to compete with the neighbours router, passing vehicles and all sorts of other radio interference, but this isn’t the case on farms so Wi-Fi can penetrate much further. We take advantage of this to provide ‘long-range Wi-Fi’ with a line-of-sight range of up to 300m direct to a phone handset or up to 3km to our vehicle-mounted ZetiRover.

  • Bigger coverage area – coverage up to 300m around the ZetiCell which is much further than the limited range of phone boosters. This is because phone boosters/repeaters need to be restricted so they don’t interfere with the phone network. This restriction doesn’t exist for Wi-Fi!
  • More connection options (not just 3G/4G) – phone boosters require at least some 3G or 4G coverage but this isn’t the case for the ZetiCell as it can be configured to provide Wi-Fi using an optimised LTE (4G) connection or by connecting it to a satellite internet service (e.g. nbn SkyMuster or Starlink) in areas where LTE (4G) service isn’t available.
  • Improved reliability and management with backup connections – Using Wi-Fi is supports multi-carrier connections and software-defined networking optimisation, which essentially refers to the presence of the backup LTE (4G) connection we use to monitor and optimise each network and, in some cases, as a backup data connection to keep your Wi-Fi working even if your primary connection has an outage.
  • More versatile as SIM cards aren’t required – Wi-Fi can be used by any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as laptops, machinery, cameras, etc, not just devices that contain a SIM card.