$396k Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre grant to commercialise the ZetiGate

Zetifi has been awarded $396,000 via the Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to commercialise the ZetiGate – an innovative wireless network gateway that uses software-defined networking to seamlessly combine the speed of low-earth orbit satellite technology with the reliability of a backup 3G/4G LTE network.

Low-earth orbit satellites are 60 times closer to earth than traditional satellites and by reducing the distance that data has to travel and serving a smaller number of users, the technology offers the promise of higher speeds, more data and lower latency than traditional satellite connections.

The project will focus this emerging technology on the needs of the Australian food and beverage sector as poor connectivity currently limits the application of digital technology during key stages of the supply chain for regional food and beverage producers. The benefits of improved connectivity and digitisation include greater transparency for food provenance and traceability via real-time monitoring and the use IoT monitoring data to guide critical manufacturing or processing decisions.

By addressing the reliability and coverage issues of existing technologies, the ZetiGate delivers the fast and reliable connectivity that food and beverage manufacturers need to fully embrace digitisation throughout the supply chain.

You can read more about the project at https://www.amgc.org.au/project/zetigate-connecting-the-food-beverage-supply-chain/



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