Accelerating Commercialisation grant received to develop ‘sleepy’ Wi-Fi technology

Zetifi has been awarded a $644,370 Federal Government grant to continue the development of its ‘sleepy’ Wi-Fi technology. This technology decreases the power demand for Wi-Fi systems and makes it possible to deploy off-grid Wi-Fi solutions into rural and remote locations.

The grant will enable Zetifi to employ new staff with specialised skills in software development, networking and manufacturing.

Government announcement:

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Last-mile connectivity for vehicles, machinery & farms

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Use your own data with a BYO SIM

With the ZetiRover you can use data provided by the convenient on-board connections from Zetifi, or add your own SIM card to use your existing phone data in more places. Simply insert your SIM card to the back of the ZetiRover and select from the ZetiRoam LITE (single carrier) or ZetiRoam PRO (dual carrier) plan option.

ZetiLink™ multi-carrier technology

Our proprietary RF (radiofrequency technology) available with the ZetiRoam PRO and ZetiRoam 10 plans enables the ZetiRover to seamlessly combine the coverage of two mobile networks, so you’ll be connected in more places than ever. Even better, our clever software makes this switch without interrupting your Wi-Fi connection.