About Us

Bridging the Connectivity Divide.

At Zetifi (pronounced Ze-ti-fy rhymes with WiFi), we connect people living in rural, regional and remote areas with the latest and best digital technology for their specific needs.

We are a wireless networking company and we develop and support solar powered, ruggedised, off-grid optimised wireless network devices for anyone experiencing limited or sub-standard voice, video and internet services. Our ability to run on off-grid power economically enables high-speed connectivity to be brought to locations where it wasn't previously feasible.

Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, our team live and work in regional Australia and understand the day-to-day challenges of accessing reliable, affordable and secure broadband internet.

Our technology allows farmers to work more efficiently on their business, individuals and families to make calls and connect to high speed internet, and properties to maintain safety and security even on some of the most remote properties throughout the country.

Zetifi’s devices are 100% remotely managed, we are your connectivity partner in rural, regional and remote areas.

Our products and systems are ready to scale – our remote deployment and remote management capabilities enable devices installation by machinery technicians, electricians, and even farmers. Removing the need for on-site IT expertise has made Zetifi the first genuinely scalable provider for high bandwidth wireless connectivity in rural and remote areas.

The connectivity we provide is also helping to pave the way for technologies of the future including IoT, Precision Agriculture, Machine Vision, Autonomous Vehicles and more. We provide the infrastructure to make these emerging technologies a reality for farms of the future.

At Zetifi, we want to support you with leading edge, affordable and accessible solutions that transform the way we live and work in regional, rural and remote communities.