Zetifi Rover C100

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The Zetifi Rover C100 allows you to maximise the quality of available wireless or 3G / 4G connectivity and extend coverage range into mobile blackspots using long range WiFi.

Installed on top of your vehicles or machinery it provides the connectivity your operators need for phone calls and internet access while unleashing your machine’s telematics, remote support and data transfer capabilities*

 A range of base plates and adapter cables are available for common farm machinery brands. 

The Rover C100 is fully compatible with Zetifi’s range of Farm Wide WiFi solutions giving you options for coverage everywhere you need it.

Integrated GPS (WiFi + 4G version only) enables you to securely monitor the location of your vehicles and machinery.

*WiFi calling capable handset such as iPhone 6 onwards, Samsung Galaxy devices or Google Pixel 2 required.*WiFi enabled screen/Precision Ag device required.

Zetifi Rover Network

All Zetifi Devices require an active subscription to the Zetifi Rover Network.

We include a free 3 month starter subscription to the Zetifi Rover Network + 5GB of free data (for use in first three months) with every Rover. Extra data is charged at $10/GB.

After the starter subscription expires you will be charged $27 per device per month + $10/GB for data (pooled across all your devices). Multiple device discounts are available.

Subscription includes unlimited, unmetered WiFi calling (on supported Telstra and Optus handsets including iPhone 6 and later) and includes all support, monitoring, maintenance and upgrades.

Data charges are for data used on the Zetifi Rover Network. We don’t charge you for using your own data (e.g. Skymuster) over your Zetifi WiFi network.