Zetifi Gateway

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The Zetifi Gateway is a fixed 3G/4G/WiFi repeater that allows you to provide connectivity to buildings, sheds, yards and, by adding a Zetifi Rover into the paddocks.

Coverage range is up to 300m line of sight directly to phones, tablets, cameras etc and up to 3km line of sight to a Zetifi Rover installed on top of your vehicle.

The Zetifi Gateway is supplied with all required antennas, cables and mounting hardware. It is 100% pre-configured by us, there is no technical knowledge requried to complete installation and we offer free, unlimited remote support if you need help planning or completing your install or can organise professional installation for you if required.

The recommended installation height is minimum 12m above ground level. 

Zetifi Rover Network

All Zetifi Devices require an active subscription to the Zetifi Rover Network.

We include a free 3 month starter subscription to the Zetifi Rover Network + 5GB of free data (for use in first three months) with every Gateway. Extra data is charged at $10/GB.

After the starter subscription expires you will be charged $27 per device per month + $10/GB for data (pooled across all your devices). Multiple device discounts are available.

Subscription includes unlimited, unmetered WiFi calling (on supported Telstra and Optus handsets including iPhone 6 and later) and includes all support, monitoring, maintenance and upgrades.

Data charges are for data used on the Zetifi Rover Network. We don’t charge you for using your own data (e.g. Skymuster, Optus/Telstra 4G) over your Zetifi WiFi network.