Zetifi Rover Network Subscription

A monthly subscription to the Zetifi network is required for all Zetifi devices including Zetifi Rovers and Zetifi Gateways.

Your subscription includes all support, monitoring, maintenance and upgrades.

Data charges are for data used on the public Zetifi Rover Network. We don’t charge you for using your own data (e.g. Skymuster) over a private WiFi network.


If you’re getting 1 bar of coverage, enough to to get some SMS messages but not to make any calls you can be confident the Rover will work. The Zetifi Rover will provide reliable WiFi connectivity for calls and internet, even in areas with patchy phone coverage where normally you could not make calls or acces the web.

If coverage is really bad or non-existent on part or all of your property we can help by building a private WiFi network using Zetifi Gateways that allow the Rover to access the internet and make WiFi calls through your own WiFi network with your own internet connection from NBN, Telstra, Optus or any other ISP.


The Zetifi Rover Network is optimised for reliable and stable connectivity across the widest possible areas. It is perfect for voice calls using WiFi calling and basic web browsing.

The target bitrate across the Zetifi Rover Network is 1-2 mbp/s, which is ideal for phone calls, browsing the web, using Twitter, Facebook, web based software, email and other medium bandwidth applications.

If you need faster speeds and lower cost data for bandwidth intensive applications like Netflix, we can help you build a Farm Wide WiFi network connected to your preferred ISP.