Farm Wide WiFi

A farm wide wireless network lets you make and receive calls and access the internet from anywhere you need it.

It can also be used to connect wireless cameras and can provide backhaul for LoRaWAN, SigFox and PLC monitoring and control solutions. 

WiFi is a 20 year old standard and it is the best solution for video, voice and high bandwidth data on properties with poor mobile coverage.

Sick of slow internet? We can get you connected to 4G towers up to 40km away using a solar powered gateway from a hill on your property or we can create a wireless point to point link from neighbouring properties to get you onto fixed wireless NBN.

Want to eliminate mobile black spots? We can build you a farm wide WiFi network giving you access to WiFi calling and broadband internet everywhere you need it.

Want to install wireless cameras for remote management or security?  Our WiFi repeaters and wireless cameras are the perfect solution.

Need to automate and control your irrigation systems?  Our solar powered WiFi repeaters make it easy and we have partners across Australia who can help you with pump automation, VSD control, level sensors and more.

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